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Do you have high costs due to the problem of dust contamination ?

Rely on the solution from EXIM - TECH, s.r.o., which brings cost savings of up to 70% compared to other systems.

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Dust contamination is a huge problem in many areas of industry - especially where the product has to be painted, decorated or laminated. Rectifying dust problems can have a very high cost: a dust contaminated bumper costs over €150 to repaint.

A reliable solution is the Ionized Airknife type 5100 (for compressed air) or type 5500 (for external blower), which removes dust and static electricity from plastic boards, textile belts, moldings, floor coverings and many other large products.

The system consists of one or more ionised airknives connected to an external blower. The blower produces a high volume of air which exits from the airknife in a fast laminar flow. Fraser design and supply 5500 Ionised Airknife Systems to meet the most demanding applications.

- static neutralisation power - up to 50 % better than competitive systems - to break the electrostatic bond between the dust and surface and to prevent re-attraction of dust. 
- air cleaning speed of 110 m/sec at the slot of the airknife for thorough and powerful cleaning 
- longer range cleaning power than compressed air systems
- cost saving of up to 70 % compared to other systems.

EXIM - TECH, s.r.o. will provide exceptional performance in all traditional applications, even in the most demanding situations of eliminating problems caused by static electricity.
Do you need to remove problems caused by static electricity? We will be happy to help you. Call us: 00421 48 4147 086 or write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a price offer and for visiting of our sales and technical representative.

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