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Reliable removing the sawdust glued to the inside of the plastic profile

We increased the installation performance by 10% and also saved 25% of the cost of the compressed air used in the operation

Problem: In the process of cutting plastic profile customer had a problem with the sawdust, which was statically recharged and glued to the inside of the plastic profile. After the withdrawal of the profile from the line, operators used air gun from another manufacturer. However, it was not effective enough to remove dust and sawdust in the folds. After that profiles were transferred to another hall where the plastic profile was put onto the rod of ionizing gun. It blew dirt and dust from the inside of the profile, but it was not 100 % effective.

Solution: On the problematic places we applied ionising electrodes in order to achieve a stronger ionisation. Results were 100 %, therefore the customer decided to apply the solution directly to the line, achieving complete cleaning of plastic profile from the dust.

Ionising electrodes from Fraser Anti Static Techniques

Used product: EXIM-TECH installed Ionising electrodes from Fraser Anti Static Techniques. It is a universal electrode for customized use.

The resulting benefit: The customer has no longer deal with dust in production, because we have removed it from the products. We helped him to save the cost to other solutions to eliminate dust and to improve production. Simpler and shorter cleaning of plastic profiles before fitting enabled to increase assembly by about 10 % and save approximately 25 % of the cost of using compressed air for this operation. Cleaning effect was reflected in the quality - the customer after the installation of new cleaning did not register even one complaint or notification to cover cleaning.


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