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3100 Jupiter

Unrivalled Static Neutralisation Performance

Advanced long range static control system. Using intelligent ionisation technology to provide unrivalled static neutralisation performance in a safe and reliable way at distances up to 1.5m.

Very fast static decay performance up to 5 times more powerful than leading competitors.

  • All control and high voltage parts in-bar and encapsulated for reliability and safety.

  • Constant monitoring of condition provides a potential-free signal to power a remote lamp or alarm.

  • Tungsten emitters maintain optimal performance. Replaceable if worn or broken.

  • Emitters resistively coupled to the high voltage for shockless operation.

  • Unique double wall separation of positive and negative emitters to avoid recombination of ions and reduce maintenance.

  • Robust, rigid construction available from 600mm up to 4020mm in length. Effective length is generally 150mm longer than overall length so a 770mm Bar will cover a 920mm wide product at a distance of 500mm.

  • 24V power supply provided with each Jupiter.

  • Easy mounting.



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