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HP 50-ION Power Unit

Power Unit with Monitoring System

HP Power Units supply the energy to run the latest high performance static eliminators from Fraser. The HP50-Ion offers the added benefit of an Iontis performance monitoring system which give the user live information on the status and efficiency of the system.

  • The HP50-Ion produces high voltage, low current in a controlled and safe way to provide the power for Fraser AC High Performance static eliminators working on 5.5kV.

  • It has bayonet connectors for fast and easy connection of the static eliminators.

  • The HP50-Ion can power up to four static eliminators.

  • Construction IP54 rated.

  • All the controls and cables are on one face.

Performance Monitoring displayed on Power Unit:

  • LED display to show condition of Bars and whether they need to be cleaned.

  • LED display to show charge in material.

  • Power ON indicator.

  • High voltage OK indicator.

  • Alarm, if there is fault.

Remote monitoring option providing no-volt signal to show:

  • Power ON

  • HV Fault

  • 2 level condition of Bars: Dirt Warning Clean soon, Dirt Alarm Clean immediately.

  • Construction IP54 rated.

  • All the controls and cables are on one face.



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