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Do you need a reliable and efficient production without dust and electrical discharges?

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We have the solution for you. Come to the free seminar and take the opportunity to find a comprehensive solution to static electricity problems in plastics, automotive, rubber, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical industries.


We invite you to the seminar that will take place in Trenčín, Thursday 08.02.2018 from 08:30 to 12:30 in Hotel Magnus, Považská 1706 / 35
Trenčín 911 01


The seminar is designed for managers, technicians, designers, constructors, maintenance workers and machine manufacturers.
Do you get electrical discharges when unwrapping a plastic film from a roll?
Do you have plastic granulates stuck on the walls of the pipeline?
Do you have a problem with paper sheets or label tags sticking together?
Do you need to get rid of the dust from the surface of materials before painting?
Do you have a problem with the paper tape ripping in production line?
Do you need to get rid of the dust on car-bodies and plastic parts in automotive production?
Do you need to create a clean area with dust-free air?
Do you need to get rid of the dust before sticking plastic film to boards?
Do you sometimes have blurred image contours in a large-format print?
Do you have a problem with powder materials sticking to the walls of plastic packaging?
The solution to these problems we will give you right at the seminar.

The program of the seminar:

  1. Presentation of the companies EXIM - TECH, s.r.o. and Fraser Anti-Static Techniques
  2. Break
  3. How does static electricity appear and how to measure it
  4. Passive static electricity removers
  5. Active static electricity removers

- Anti-static bars: with a short range up to 150mm/with a long range from 100mm up to 1500mm

- Electrical charge and dust removing

- Anti-static ionising eliminators of charge and dust from the surfaces of materials with compressed air

- Anti-static ventilators

  1. Power supplies, static electricity generators and charging bars
  2. Active and passive static electricity removers designed for explosive environments
  3. Samples of applications and solutions
  4. Lunch
  5. Conceptual solution to your needs right at the seminar

Read our article about how to remove static electricity in machines and equipment.

Please send us information about your needs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will design and provide you with the conceptual solution right at the seminar.

The seminar is FREE and we will be very happy to serve you with snacks and lunch.



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Trade name: EXIM – TECH, s.r.o.
Company adress: Partizánska cesta 456/76, 97401 Banská Bystrica
Phone: +421 48 4147 086
GPS: 48°44'26.00"N, 19°9'54.90"E
CRN: 36055841
VAT ID: SK2020090149