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Help and Solutions in Automation

What we care about is the machines to be operating, the production lines to be producing as well as about making newly developed machinery and equipment more productive and reliable to be sold and to give users the benefit. Our goal is that our companies will develop and expand to make us all better. We provide help with measurable results.


We analyse customer’s tasks and requirements, propose solutions, recommend the optimal solution, suggest components and system, which will solve the given tasks.


The final proposal of the solution, customer’s approval, supply of components, installation and implementation of components and system.

Solution testing

We test the functionality of the final proposal of solution. In case of need, under the set conditions we lend functional types for testing, also in production.


Providing of instructions of use, technical support, 24 hour hotline support, further development of the solutions, warranty and post-warranty service.

Functional solutions in the field of sensors and industrial automation

We supply:

With a good knowledge and rich practical experience, we help our customers to solve their tasks and needs in the field of components supply for industrial automation:

  • position sensors: optical, inductive, linear, rotary incremental and absolute, magnetic, ultrasonic, capacitive, etc.
  • inductive and optical position sensors for work under high temperatures and heavy environments
  • 1D/2D code scanners,
  • vision sensors and smart cameras for image object detection, object control,
  • accurate two-dimensional and three-dimensional 2D/3D object scanners,
  • contactless coded safety door lock switches,
  • signal light towers, LED work lights, beacons,
  • beacon acoustic signalization,
  • safety optical barriers and switches,
  • removing static electricity problems, elimination and generation of static electricity,
  • 1 phase/3 phase standby uninterruptible power supplies,
  • connectors, cables, input/output modules and systems,
  • contactless safety door lock switches,
  • displays, PID controllers,
  • PLC, control systems, touchscreen displays, HMI interfaces,
  • safety optical barriers etc.,

and with these we help our customers to have benefits from supplied goods, systems and services.

We solve:

Company EXIM – TECH, s.r.o. with its services helps customers to solve their tasks and needs in the field of modernization, optimization and implementation of production machines:

  • condition analysis, development and proposing of solutions, programming, technical documentation, certificate of conformity and other certificates, putting equipment into operation, technical support, staff training, warranty and post-warranty support.

We specialize in delivery of the highiest quality technology and focuse on:

  • optimization of automated production processes,
  • control of presence, position, completeness and quality of products by image processing with smart cameras,
  • precise measurement and dimensional analysis by 2D/3D scanners,
  • removing problems created by static electricity
  • removing electrostatically charged dust from the surface of objects,
  • continuity of the production,
  • machines’ and raw material’s temperature,
  • detection under adverse environment,
  • safety in production,

and a lot of other things including delivering of other engineering services, consulting and technical support that solve customer problems in the field of industry. Together with our partners we supply equipment, also with turn-key equipment assembling and installation.

Selected products

Ochranné relé Selec 900ELR

Protective relays Selec 900ELR


MTS - Snímače hladiny Level Plus

MTS - Level sensors Level Plus


Mico Pro - Flexible monitoring 24 V DC current

Mico Pro - Flexible monitoring 24 V DC current


Through-Beam Sensor



Videos – how we helped

Accurate detection of sheet metal position during stamping

The satisfying customer’s requirement for accurate detection of sheet metal position during stamping.

Recognition of tail lights types

Sensor HK12PB8 from Wenglor sensoric GmbH for recognition of car tail lights types.

Removing of gluing panels together

We have helped to remove gluing of panels together during shifting them. While lifting PUR panels, static electricity charge appeared between them, which we have removed with the help of ionising bars and so we have removed original problem of gluing panels together. The process of shifting is now reliable, efficient and production is without outages..


We make things better and better

We always abide by the following principles:

Continuous Innovation

The innovation is always the first factor and the most important thing in the development. The developing of new components, products applied by our suppliers and structure of organization as well as more efficient operation has never stopped in our company. We are sure that our clients and our suppliers as well have the benefit of this innovation.

Reliable and Regular Services

We do everything possible for the soonest delivery of your order object. At the same time, we use reliable and certified logistic channels. Products we have in stock will be delivered within 24 hours. Products we have in manufacturer’s stock will be delivered within 7 days, in the case of urgent need, it will be delivered by air courier within 1-3 days. While maintaining certain conditions, we will response to your request or question within 24 hours. We will provide you with professional technical support in the shortest possible time. With us and our loyal services you can go through the whole business process from offering of the solution to your request through the arranging quick delivery of product or system to providing different types of after-sale support.

Top Quality

Every product we provide is of a TOP quality that is the basis of our principles. All our suppliers have been carefully selected so that TOP quality of their products and services is guaranteed.

Code of Ethics

Company EXIM-TECH s.r.o. undertakes in its business activities to respect the laws of the Slovak Republic and the EU, and the laws of that countries in the territories of which it operates, to run a business in accordance with good morals and to promote economic competition in the spirit of fair play rules.

Company EXIM-TECH s.r.o. takes care of the environmental protection. Wherever company realizes its activities and provides its services, it respects valid technological and environmental standards.

Company EXIM-TECH s.r.o. builds its relations with employees, business partners, customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors and the general public on the basis of trust, respect, observance of basic human rights and without any discrimination.

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