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WENGLOR sensoric GmbH

Exclusive representation for Slovakia

  • Inductive Position Sensors:
    1. 1. Factor 1 – same switching distance for different metals
    2. 2. for welding applications
    3. 3. with analog output
  • Optoelectronic Position Sensors
  • OCR optoelectronic text and characters readers
  • LED Circular Lights
  • 1D/2D Optoelectronic Barcode Scanners
  • Optoelectronic Raster Scanners
  • VISION Optoelectronic Sensors (camera, optical system, lighting, intensifier)
  • InoxSens Optoelectronic Sensors for food & beverage and pharmaceuticals industries
  • Safety Optoelectronic Barriers
  • 2D/3D profile Scanners

wenglor MEL GmbH

Distributor for Slovakia

  • Optoelectronic Distance Sensors
  • Laser Scanners M2-iLAN
  • Inductive Sensors
  • ES Codereader
  • Radio remote control for manufacturing plants

murrelectronic alliance


Distributor for Slovakia with a PRO PARTNER ALLIANCE license ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Products for control and distribution cabinets, 1/2/3-phase power supplies, MICO intelligent distribution modules 24V DC, MB Cap standby non-battery supplies 24V DC
  • Products for interface, signal converters, relays
  • Passive input/output connections, connectors, connectors with cables and distribution connector systems (modules)
  • Active input/output connections, distribution modules with Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet, EtherCat, CAN, etc.


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

  • Temposonics® Industrial Linear Magnetostrictive Position Sensors (R/G/E/L - Series)
  • Temposonics® Magnetostrictive Mobile Hydraulic Sensors (M-Series)
  • Temposonics® Magnetostrictive Light Industrial Sensors (C-Series)
  • Level Plus® Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensors


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

standard and special solutions in the field of positioning sensors:

  • Incremental Rotary Sensors
  • Absolute Rotary Sensors
  • Linear Position Sensors
  • Inclinometers

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd

Exclusive representation for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Removing static electricity in the industry:

  • Short Range Static Electric Charge Eliminators
  • Long Range Static Electric Charge Eliminators
  • Dust-removing and Cleaning Ionizers with ionized air stream
  • Passive Static Electric Charge Eliminators
  • Ionizers for EX-explosive atmosphere
  • Static Charge Measurement
  • Electric Charge Generators


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

Modern LED Technology Applications for:
  • LED Signal Light Towers, also with active interface AS-interface, DeviceNet, CC-Link
  • LED Signal Light Towers with alarm, with MP3 sound modules
  • LED Signal Light Towers for EX-explosive atmosphere
  • Warning Revolving Bars with LED
  • Alarms / Bar Alarms, with voice synthesizer
  • Extremely Bright Work LED Lights


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

Solutions in the field of persons and parts of the body protection when entering to the hazardous machinery area:

  • Coded Contactless Magnetic Safety Switches of 1, 2, 3 up to 4 safety categories
  • Safety Relay Modules and Relays
  • Safety Modules for both hands control, central STOP
  • Magnetic Safety Locks
  • Zero Revolution Control Module
  • Digital and Analog Timer
  • Central Indicator of 7 devices’ error status
  • NPN/PNP Convertor
  • Mechanic Coded Locks
  • Coded Security and Locking Safety Locks VIGILGUARD a ANAGUARD
  • RFID system (attendance, …)

EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH

Exclusive representation for Slovakia and distributor for the Czech Republic

  • Flow Switches and Meters
  • Level Meters
  • Inductive Position Sensors
  • Capacitive Position Sensors
  • Optical Position Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Ultrasonic, Temperature, Pressure Sensors
  • Metal Detectors
  • Sensors, Switches and Meters for EX-explosive dust environment
  • Sensors, Switches and Meters for EX-explosive gas environment


Representation for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • Magnetic Sensors


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

  • Meters
  • PLC
  • Timers
  • Counters
  • Protection Relays


Exclusive representation for Slovakia

  • Counters incorporable into panel
  • Signal Converters


ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GmbH

Representation for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • Laser Distance Sensors

AdPos - Advanced Power Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Exclusive representation for Slovakia

  • Standby UPS 230 V AC
  • Single-phase UPS
  • Three-phase UPS
  • Power measurement and quality analysis
  • UPS with integrated Line Analyser
  • Remote Power Manager
  • BADICHEQ 3000 Battery Management System
  • Compact Power Hubs 230VAC

Artidor Explosion Safety B.V.

Distributor for Slovakia

  • EX Safety LED Miniature Light
  • EX Safety LED Signal Lights 24V DC
  • EX Safety LED Light Towers 24V DC
  • EX Safety Mobile Phones
  • EExd Isolating Connector to wall for gases and liquids
  • EX Safety Air Conditioning

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

Exclusive representation for Slovakia and Hungary

  • Lasers and Laser Systems for medical use
  • Lasers and Laser Systems for industrial applications
  • Lasers and Laser Systems for the Steel Industry

Microsonic GmbH

Distributor for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • Ultrasonic Distance and Position Sensors

Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd

Exclusive representation for Slovakia and distributor for the Czech Republic

  • Paperless Graphic Recorders, Paper Recorders, Hybrid Recorders
  • HMI Operation Interfaces for touchscreen displays
  • Process controllers and Fuzzy+PID process and temperature controllers
  • Low-Cost PID Temperature Regulator with automatic regulation
  • Collecting and Processing Data Modules


Distributor for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • Sensor Imaging Units
  • Data Acquisition – Data Cards
  • Output Converters
  • Sensor Testers
  • Communication Gateways
  • Cables and Accessories

Mindman Industrial Co. Ltd.

Distributor for Slovakia

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Components



Distributor for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

The smart connection of the future

  • Din terminal blocks
  • PCB terminal blocks
  • Interface module
  • Barrier terminal blocks
  • M type connectors for panel
  • Lockable connectors type M
  • Metal connectors DE / DEE, DK / DM, DA / DQ, DD / DDD high pin density
  • Plastic covers for converters, terminal blocks
  • Waterproof installation cabinets
  • Metal covers
  • Connectors for electric car chargers
  • Distributors and relay modules


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