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We have ensured 100% reliability of the aluminium pressed parts’ edge detection

By using a Wenglor optical sensor with WinTec technology, EXIM-TECH has ensured the reliability of the production process and reduced the faultiness of products.

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Problem: The customer had a problem while loading edge of aluminium sheets’ stack, which are laid on a pallet and a robotic hand gradually withdraws them, and after the sheets certain number withdrawal, the robot is re-calibrated to grab a sheet exactly in the center. There was a problem that a sensor sometimes did not register an edge and thus a robot laying those sheets askew, and as a result, so unsuitable products intended for disposal were creating.

Solution: By using a Wenglor optical sensor with WinTec technology, which can very precisely detect the edge with three beams transmitted, EXIM-TECH has solved the problem, which had been longer lasting and the customer was unable to find a reliable solution.


Used product: We have installed a sensor from wenglor sensoric GmbH with WinTec technology. Glossy or black objects could not be reliably detected at greater inclinations in the past. With WinTec technology, these tasks became a routine for optical sensors. At the same time, they are the smallest sensors using transit time measurement technology – beam flight time measurement. WinTec sensors ensure reliable performance even when reflective surfaces, reflectors and lighting are close to measurement. Black surfaces are reliably detected even at high sensing inclinations. Depending on the material surface and sensing distance, it is possible to detect object at an angle of up to 89°. Continuous working range of 0-3 m creates a high-flexible measurement options.

Gained benefit: The EXIM-TECH company has helped to significantly reduce products’ faultiness and thus the amount of waste, also the company helps to increase the reliability of production process of heat exchangers and their aesthetic characteristics. We have delivered a solution, which 100% identifies aluminium pressed parts’ edges for robot calibration.


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